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The ONLY insecticide paint authorised for sale in the European Union.

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Artilin 3A Mate is the only anti-insect and anti-mite paint authorised for sale in the European Union, certified for its efficacy, durability and non-toxicity, as recommended by the Portuguese Association of Asthmatics.

How does it work?

  • Artilin 3A Mate Insecticide and Acaricide Paint acts by simple contact.
  • The microscopic insecticide crystals are firmly bonded into the paint film and are only released when the insect lands on the painted surface.
  • The insecticide crystals penetrate through the insect´s legs , then they are transmitted to its nervous system.
  • And in a short time, the insect collapses and dies.
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Application Method

Artilin 3A Mate acts by simple contact so it only needs to be applied as a finishing coat.

Preparing the Surface:

  • Ensure that all surfaces are dry, firm, clean and free of grease, dust and other contaminants.
  • New Surfaces: Apply an appropriate paint system, one coat of primer and one coat of a good quality paint in the same colour chosen for 3A Mate.
  • Previously Painted Surface: On surfaces in good condition, apply 3A Mate directly. On old surfaces, after an adequate preparation, apply one coat of Wall Preparing Primer or Bonding Liquid and one coat of a good quality paint in the colour chose for 3A Mate.
  • Satin or glossy surfaces must be sanded to dull to improve adherence.
  • Surfaces contaminated with fungus must be treated with Fungicidal Wash.
  • Artilin 3A Mate must not be diluted as this reduces its effectiveness.

Application Information

Available Sizes: 12L & 2.5L
Area: Interior & Exterior
Spreading Rate: 14msq/L
No. of Coats: Apply as final coat
Application Method: Roller & Brush
Drying Time: Touch dry 1Hour
Cleaning of Tools: Wash tools with soap and water


Combine colour with comfort, health and well-being.

Artilin 3A Mate is available in white, neutral and pastel colours.

Notwithstanding the care taken in the production of this catalogue, there may be slight differences between the colour displayed and the products supplied. We therefore recommend that you do a colour test before any application.


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